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Nutrient Extraction

Submitted by rmirley on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 20:50

Plants extract nutrients from the soil in order to survive. Not all nutrients are alike however. Some nutrients are water soluble, while others are not. Some nutrients are charged and thus difficult to move around in the soil. These factors can make it difficult for the plant to get these nutrients from the soil. Luckily the plant has deceloped ways in order to extrac to these pesky nutrients from the soil. One major way plants extract difficult nutrients from the soil is by guided root proliferation. The roots simply grow towards nutrients once the zone they occupy has been depleted. Another way that plants can extract nutrients from the soil is by excreting H+ ions into the soil. These H+ ions help to break down the nutrients and make them more soluble/easier to move. These methods have greatly helped in the plant's survival by gather all necessary nutrients.