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Methods draft #2

Submitted by mrmoy on Tue, 02/13/2018 - 21:16

Two pictures are taken: a close-up picture of an individual flower and a picture of the entire plant. The close-up of the individual flower includes a fully blossomed flower. The fully blossomed flower is pink in color and has multiple layers of petals. Measurements of the flower size is taken with a ruler in centimeters and is recorded for future reference. The picture of the entire plant is taken from a distance at an angle in which the plant is in between the entrance and the camera. The size of the entire plant is estimated by standing next to the plant. Along with the two pictures obtained from the Durfee Conservatory & Garden, is a world map showing the origins of the Camellia Japonica Napoleon plant. This information is found by researching the origins of the Camellia Japonica family, rather than the specific individual Napoleon species. The countries where these plants grow in the wild is marked on the blank image of a world map.