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Submitted by liamharvey on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 18:23

I first went to the Durfee Conservatory to find a plant to take a picture of. I chose to take pictures of the plant Camellia Japonica which was located in the first room upon entering the conservatory. The Camellia Japonica is a small tree, which was found on the right as i entered the conservatory. I identified the tree by finding a small label that read “Camellia Japonica” at the top of the box the tree was planted in. There were similar trees which had white flowers; the tree photographed was the first in the line and had pink flowers. Two pictures were taken; the first from about three feet away to get a full image of the tree. The second picture was taken from about three inches to get a close up of one of the tree’s flowers.

I then made a multi panel figure using inkscape. To make the figure, I used the two pictures taken at the conservatory and found a world map online. The three pictures were imported into inkscape. The first picture of the full tree was placed in the upper left corner. The close up of the flower was then placed in the right corner and the world map was placed below both of the taken pictures. On the world map, the fill option was selected to fill in Japan, Camellia Japonica’s country of origin. Next, f8 was pressed to use text boxes. To the left at the top corner of each picture, a text box was made. The full plant picture was labelled “A”, the close up labelled “B”, and the world map labelled “C”.