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Submitted by malberigi on Tue, 02/13/2018 - 11:27

This plant is found in the third room of Durfee Conservatory when entering street side from Thatcher Road.  Once in the third room, Oncidium Sharry Baby is found on the right side against the wall on the bottom of the three shelves.  It is a tall orchid with a cluster of small, fragrant purple and white flowers.  The first photo, located in upper left side of the figure, is taken standing directly in front of the plant with the white sign ‘Fragrant Flower’ facing the photographer.  This first photo is labeled ‘A’ in the figure.  

The second picture taken is a close up of the flowers.  There is a single string of blooms coming off to the right of the ‘Fragrant Flower’ sign, and this photo is taken with the last bloom in the bottom left of the photo.  This photo, located in the upper right side of the figure, is labeled ‘B’.

The final part of the figure is a map of where this flower can be located.  This orchid is natively found in Mexico, Central America, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.  This figure is created on Inkscape, using a world map with country outlines found with a google search.  The countries listed are filled in with turquoise, and the map is below below the two images of the specimen.  This final part of the figure is labeled ‘C’.