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MedEthics summary 2

Submitted by liamharvey on Fri, 02/09/2018 - 11:46

-        Example 2: Chocolate. In this example, a box of chocolates was initially given to two brothers, but the older brother had eaten them all for himself, acting unjustly. In this modified example however, the chocolates were only given to the older brother. If the older brother refuses to share, Thomson argues, he is being greedy but just. (60-61)

-        Example 3: Henry Fonda. In the initial Henry Fonda example. A man with a cool hand can save the authors life, but he is across the country and must fly to her to save her life. However, in this new example, Fonda need only walk across the room and touch the author to save her life. Here he is making little sacrifice to help in comparison to the initial example. (61)

-        Thomson argues that even when the task is easy, it does not make refusing to do so unjust, She states “Nobody is morally requires to make large sacrifices of health, of all other interests and concerns, of all other duties and commitment, for nine years, or even nine months, in order to keep another person alive.” (61-62)