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med ethics summary 1

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2. Good Samaritans, Minimally Decent Samaritans or Not a Samaritan at all.

-        Example 3: Man on the road. Thomson refers to a story from the Bible where a man is robbed and left injured on the road. A priest and then a Levite pass by and neither offer help. However, a good Samaritan passes by and offers help to the man, providing care and brings him to an inn. Jesus tells his people to do as the good Samaritan had done. Thomson however states that this may be urging people to do more than they are morally required to do. (62-63)

-        Example 4: Kitty Genovese. This example discusses the murder of Kitty Genovese, who was killed while 38 people had either stood by or heard as she was murdered but did nothing to help. No one called the police, which Thomson state a minimally decent person would have done. Thomson argues however, if helping Kitty put the people in danger of their own lives, then they are not morally required to help. She uses this conclusion to argue that people are thus not morally required to give a long stretch of their lives, be it nine years or nine months to help others. She states that people are not morally required to sustain the life of a person who has no special right. (62-63)