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Mates- Intro

Submitted by drosen on Wed, 03/28/2018 - 21:18

Mates: Different investments between females (few # of costly eggs) vs males (high number of low cost sperm) naturally create both sexually dimorphism and behavioral differences between the genders. Natural selection favors those with the highest reproductive success and typically, birds form lifelong mated pairs that cooperate to raise their young as they require assistance to do so. However, as males will have higher success by finding multiple mates they often engage in cross pair copulation with other females. Furthermore, females have ways to protect their larger investments by selectivly choosing their "partner" as well as secondary partners. It is this "choosy" behavior that has driven the extravagant courtship displays seen in the wild. In addition, females will often breed with several neighboring species to ensure that at least some offspring are viable.