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Larva Observation (1/26/17)

Submitted by mparkllan on Fri, 01/26/2018 - 21:20

It appeared seed like before it began to move. The "body" is about 1.25 cm long with approximately a .25 cm diameter. it also has a stringlike appendage at the tip of one end that is about 1.5 cm long. it is very soft and seems to have a  semi transparent dark brown membrane surrounding an inner lighter brown core. it moves around, squirming and stretching. the stringlike appendage seems to be stiffer an lacks any movement byeyond where it connects to the rest of the body. areas closer to the appendage and the opposite end appeear to be darker than the rest of the organism. there appears to be a bottom as there are 8 sets of tiny protrusions that act like tiny legs and it appears to facor moving around with them. as it strethes and squirms about there seems to be a red tube like organ within, only visible from certain angles. the tail like appendage seems to extend into the body about .5 cm and is visible due to the semi transparent light brown membrane. it moves about .25 cm per second, in a similar manner to a caterpillar or a worm. it always moves in one direction, opposite of te tail like appendage. Also similar to a caterpillar its body is wrinkled and appears segmented to help facilitate movement.

I cannot say how or what it feeds on or excretes, Nor do i know how aware of its enviroment it is or what sensory organs it has. I also cannot tell if it is larval or mature for its species, or how it might reproduce.