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Koch's Postulates Experiment

Submitted by mkomtangi on Tue, 04/17/2018 - 14:41

In this experiment Koch’s Postulates were performed in displaying that it truly can prove that particular organism cause a particular disease. Starting off with the first step of koch’s postulates which states the organism should only be present in individuals suffering from the disease and not in healthy individuals. The carrots with disease where examined for signs of infection and compared to carrots that were not infected. What was observed was the carrots looking very dry, having a slightly brown center, musty odor, and mushy when touched. All clear signs of infection. For the second step of Koch’s Postulates which states the organism must be grown in a pure culture away from the diseased individual. The infected carrots were scraped with a loop removing some of its soft rotting carrot flesh onto Nutrient agar plate and MacConkey agar plate.