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Submitted by liamharvey on Sun, 02/18/2018 - 17:55

Article: Mashed Up Memory: How Alcohol Speeds Memory Loss in Men

In this article, the claim is that middle aged men were found to have accelerated memory loss when they drank 2.5 drinks per day. The article said that women were found to not have the same memory loss affect, but were found to have decline in organizational and planning skills. The study was performed by researchers at University College, in London, over 10 years with 5,054 men and 2,099 women. The study described did the first memory test when participants turned 56, and then two more over the next 10 years.

Study 1: Effects of alcohol-induced working memory decline on alcohol consumption and adverse consequences of use.

There were 41 participants, 57.3% of which were men, with a mean age of 39.2 with three sessions of testing which were done in lab. The subjects were found through a previous study on smoking and so were all smokers and drank >5 drinks for men and >4 for women at least twice a month.  The subjects working memory, past 30-day alcohol consumption and consequence of alcohol use was all measured at baseline. After each administration of either a placebo or alcohol, working memory was again measured. They found that as subjects drank more, their working memory declined with it, showing a correlation.