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Irony in a novel

Submitted by mparkllan on Wed, 04/25/2018 - 19:58

Irony is used throughout the novel to create an interesting contrast. In one scene a family member talks about how “Ahmadi suffered the worst torture… they burned him with an iron,”(Satrapi 51) and in another Marjane explains “My mother was right to believe it was murder… when they found his body, only his head was underwater.”(Satrapi 65) Persepolis creates a sense of irony by contrasting these scenes of dark subject matter and the lighthearted visual style with the subsequent scenes of Marjane and her friends chasing another kid outside. To go from murder to running around with a fellow student because his families political activities shows just how polarizing countrywide conflicts can be. This dramatic shift in tone happens multiple times throughout the novel and draws attention to the fact that young children sometimes have to grow up in very hostile environments.