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Invented Mammal P7

Submitted by crmckenzie on Thu, 04/19/2018 - 22:06

The name Snanker is a playful combination of the words snake and bank that McKenzie came up with during her trip and that the scientists decided to keep. After closer investigation, evolutionist Dr. Devon Elop, Dev for short, has come to the conclusion that the Magnacide dynaphyll is a close relative of Panthera onca, or the jaguar (Sartore). “Both species are well adapted for swimming and aquatic environments, but the Snanker is even more so.” While both the jaguar and the Snanker can become prey to the anaconda, the Snanker is far more equipped in dealing with the snake. The Snanker almost solely hunts anacondas and is extremely specialized in doing so. The anaconda is its only predator and due to the fact that they are larger and swifter than jaguars, they are thought to be on the way to overpopulating the species. “I’m extremely proud of this discovery,” McKenzie gloats. “I cannot wait to see what the world has to say about the Snanker”.