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Invented Mammal P4

Submitted by crmckenzie on Sun, 04/15/2018 - 16:26

”It looked like a cat crossed with an otter crossed with a mongoose,” she says. “It used its long claws to tear into the snake and the mud around it, and later I observed it digging into the mud for snakes that were hiding.” McKenzie describes the Snanker as having short rounded ears that become flat to the head when the animal swims, a long muzzle with razor sharp teeth and large canines for puncturing its prey, long muscular legs, and webbed paws useful for swimming and walking in the mud. “They are mainly active during the day, and because of this their eyes are not as large as, say, the ocelot’s,” McKenzie says. After more observation, McKenzie was able to discover more about the seasonal changes and the mating process characteristic of the species. “As the dry season continued on, the green color on their pelts became less and less and faded into brown. I suspect that during the wet season, when they are mostly covered by vegetation, this makes them camouflage more easily into their surroundings.