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Invented mammal p1

Submitted by ameserole on Thu, 04/12/2018 - 23:05

Ursus arboreus can be found in the rainforests on the eastern side of the island of Madagascar. These east side rainforests receive an average rainfall of 80 inches per year, with some regions receiving up to 230 inches of rain per year (Crowley, 2018). These eastern Madagascar rainforests are dense as well as extremely vertical, with evergreen canopies exceeding 30m high (Chepkomi, 2016). The vegetation is 83% endemic to the island, but the plants fill much the same niches typical of a tropical rainforest (Crowley, 2018). As is typical of a rainforest there are fewer smaller plants under the canopy cover, due to lack of sunlight, and large evergreen trees covering the landscape and providing the canopy.