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Invented Mammal

Submitted by crmckenzie on Fri, 04/13/2018 - 00:07

            After a three month camping trip in the Amazon rainforest, field scientist Chandley McKenzie has reported the discovery of a brand new species: the Magnacide dynaphyll, or the Snanker. McKenzie was there to research Amazonian plant diversity and planned to stay for another three months, however the excitement of reporting this new species overpowered her plans. “I needed to spread the word”, the young field scientist explained. “My excitement for the Snanker cannot be contained.” It all began when McKenzie was studying the flora in the dense tropical rain forest of the Amazon River Basin, illustrating the very tall evergreen trees of the rainforest’s canopy as well as various orchids, rubber trees, fruit trees, and kapok trees in her field journal ( These forests have several layers of vegetation including the under-story, sub-canopy, canopy, and sometimes emergent trees that surpass the canopy.