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Information on the Camellia

Submitted by mparkllan on Thu, 02/08/2018 - 22:44

Camellia Japonica is found in mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, and southern Japan. It can usually be found 980-3,610 feet above sea level. It usually grows from 4 to 19 feet tall but has been known to grow up to 36 ft. It usually flowers between January and March. When found it the wild the flowers of the Camellia tend to have six to seven white petals about 4 cm long, however red petaled variants can also be found. It is known as the “Common Camellia,” the “Japanese Camellia,” or the “Rose of Winter.” It is also the state flower of Alabama. This plant is usually found as a shrub, however proper pruning can help the Camellia to form a tree. Wild Camellias can live to be 100-200 years old.