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Human Physiology Notes P3

Submitted by crmckenzie on Wed, 04/25/2018 - 14:07

TRH (Thyrotropin) stimulates TSH release from the pituitary and TRH (Releasing Hormone) “controls the set point” around which negative feedback occurs. Individual variants of thyroid hormone is 10% in comparison to the rest of the population. TSH is a glycoprotein hormone with two subunits, an alpha and a beta. Pure samples of LH FSH and TSH were taken to figure out the subunits. There were subunit switching experiments and alpha is common, but beta requires specificity. Thyroid glands have thryocites that surround ‘juicy centers’ that store the precursors to thyroid hormones. When TSH binds to the receptor and activates the entire mechanism, the production of thyroglobulin is increased. This is then packaged into vesicles where it is released into the colloid.