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How to properly obtain citation using DOI

Submitted by michaelkim on Fri, 03/02/2018 - 14:13

 First, I went to the google scholar to find the article I was most interested in. Then, I clicked on "Cited by" right below the title of the article. Next step is to click on Get Full Text via UMLinks. Once I did that, I copied the whole link to go paste it to the Simple Text Query. I then typed in my email and then pasted it which gave me the DOI. With the given DOI, I pasted it to the site where it says biblio, look up with DOI. Then it gave me the citation I needed which ended up like this,

Lo AYJim CYProtest response and willingness to pay for culturally significant urban trees: Implications for Contingent Valuation Method. Ecological Economics [Internet]. 2015 ;114:58 - 66. Available from: .