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Glater-Larva Observations

Submitted by mglater on Fri, 01/26/2018 - 14:58


~30 mm

Body can elongate

Able to move

Moves in worm/wave like manner

Body ~14 mm

Upon movement able to lengthen body by ~3 mm

No specific movement of tail, seems to serve no purpose

2 sets of 4 bumps under body akin to feet

Front and back end of body dark brown, middle of body lighter brown

“Head” portion can open up and produce “face”

    2 very small lines  produced, possible mouth?

Seems to have clear outer skin layer that stretches, while brown layer beneath moves

Able to turn itself over

Small dark brown dots on body and 2 on tail

Underside slightly pink coloration

Thin dark brown line running down center of tail

Tail has slight curve at very tip

Likely a larva/caterpillar of some sort

Unable to climb walls of container

    *was able to bring head over lip of container

Crawls around edge of container

Kept in sawdust

When disturbed, freezes in place for short time before resuming motion

Pieces of sawdust able to stick to face

    Unknown if intentional biting or simply sticking

Able to lift head portion into air

Tail somewhat flexible, able to get folded under body without breaking

Long period of time with no movement

    Later resumed moving

Possibly aware of confinement, multiple attempts to climb out

    Suggests some level of intelligence/awareness


What is it?

Can it see?

What does it eat?

Does it interact with other ones of whatever it is?