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Gender Pay Gap: education and maternal cost assessment

Submitted by drosen on Fri, 04/13/2018 - 09:15

While a transition to a less female dominated career may help alleviate some of the educational factors regarding the pay difference there another contributing circumstance that is too dominated by the females. There is a direct association between the average age a woman rears a child and a sharp decline in their average pay (Economist) This correlation, dubbed the “motherhood cost” is multifactorial and involves insufficient maternity leave policies and underlying social expectations of child care. Women status post birth are forced to work fewer hours or interrupt their careers entirely in order to raise their children.  This responsibility and lack of flexibility can influence potential future promotions as well as interfere with potential return to the job market. Furthermore, there are social stigmas that make women apprehensive to avoid becoming a housewife or to put their children into a daycare facility to continue with their career (Economist). These issues are compounded by a contrast in the expectations revolving men both in the workplace and at home when considering child care. An increase in true co-parenting culture, better maternity and paternity policies as well as an emphasis on company empathy would help mitigate the professional damage that raising a child can do to one’s career.