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Gattaca review 2

Submitted by mglater on Wed, 01/31/2018 - 19:05

    Of course, the science and technology seen in the movie are works of fiction. In reality, while we are making great advances in the field of genetic testing, we are still nowhere near being able to do what is shown in the film. As discussed in class, prenatal genetic tests are rising in popularity, being used to detect certain genetic abnormalities. However, these tests are nowhere near the level of the tests in the film. We are able to detect large abnormalities such as a trisomy, but small things like controlling hair color, height, etc. are not able to be manipulated. In some cases, it is unclear which genes end up contributing to a certain trait. A lot of research into what DNA sequence causes certain traits would need to be performed before any test of that level could be reached.