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Food Borne Illness 5

Submitted by oringham on Tue, 04/24/2018 - 15:38

Blockchain is a relatively new technology and its potential impact/applications are great. Incorporating blockchain technology would hold processors more accountable for accurate details, as well as a "allow easy tracking of information regarding produce and meat with a completely new system." There are a few meat processors in Asian countries incorporating this technology in an effort to drastically improve food safety. Earlier this year, International Business Machines (IBM) has partnered with multiple food giants such as Walmart, Nestle, DOLE, Tyson and McCormick to begin testing and implementation of a new blockchain systems to guarantee safer and more traceable food. Frank Yiannas reconducted the mango experiment with a test blockchain system, and his staff was able to locate the source in 2.2 seconds, a significant improvement from the initial experiment.