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Final draft of the methods project (Methods part)

Submitted by michaelkim on Thu, 03/01/2018 - 21:27

Methods :

I went to the conservatory named Durfee located near Morrill I N. It is in between that building and berkshire dining common. There are two doors, I have used a small wooden door that had a sign open 10-4 pm to enter. The first room I entered was the smaller room of the two and cool in temperature yet warmer than outside as it was very windy and chilly that day. The next room was bigger in size of the two and very warm compared to the first room. It almost felt like I was in the tropical grassland as my glasses fogged up by its warm temperature. The plant I found was in the first room, the smaller room of the two. And as soon as I entered the conservatory I looked to the right to find this lovely pink flower with yellow seed-looking things in the middle of it. It is named Camellia Japonica Jarvis Red, skinny tree with pretty pink blossoms or flowers on it. I stood in the middle facing the side with the windows facing Berkshire dining common (to the right as you enter the room) to take the picture of the biggest blossom that was in the corner of the tree. I have used my Iphone 7 plus to take the picture. I decided to take 3 pictures, one of them being the closeup of the flower, and the second one of the same blossom but taking about 3 steps back to get the whole tree. I also took the picture of the name of the plant so it was easily identified. To create the images, I have selected 4 pictures, 2 of them being the flower and tree itself, the third of being the name of the plant and fourth picture being where the plants are from. Furthermore, I made all 4 pictures equal sizes for my multi panel scientific illustration.