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Essay 1 MedEthics pt 7

Submitted by liamharvey on Sun, 04/01/2018 - 13:23

My own view on the morality in abortion lies somewhere between that of Marquis and Thomson’s views. Marquis represents and anti-abortionist view with a highlight on his future-like-ours theory. Thomson demonstrates the pro-choice view with several different examples to explain her thinking. I do not agree with Warrens view on personhood or on why abortion is morally permissible, and infanticide is not. Warren’s focus is on other people’s desires purely and does not even consider the fetus. To me, it is important to consider the fetus’s future when considering abortion, which Marquis does not do.

Marquis argues that abortion is morally wrong because it deprives a fetus of the experiences, activities, and enjoyments that an adult may experience (Marquis 189). I agree with this view that a fetus represents all the possibilities and promise of human life. Gianna Jensen is a perfect example of the possibilities that can come from human life. Jensen faced immense setbacks, even so she has lived a fulfilling life. Jensen has lived a life of happiness and of great cause. She is known worldwide for her fight against abortion. To have an abortion deprives the world of a life that could have infinite possibilities. I do not find the discussion of when or whether a fetus is a person to be pressing because regardless, if uninterrupted, that fetus could become a person who lives a happy and great life.