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Essay 1 MedEthics pt 3

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Regarding abortion, however, Warren argues that the above cases do not apply to fetuses, even if there are many who view fetuses as valuable. Warren argues that so long that the fetus remains unborn, its survival is dependent on the mother, and thus infringes on her rights to freedom, happiness, and self-determination. Warren argues that a woman’s rights override those of who would like to see the infant preserved. She compares this situation to that of a man defending himself against a wild animal; he has the right to kill it in defense, even if there are those that wish for to see the animal live. Warren continues by stating that when the fetus is born, its preservation no longer violates any of its mother’s rights even if she wants to destroy it, because she is free to put it up for adoption. As such, the moment of birth marks the end of the mother’s right to decide its fate (Warren, 2).