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Essay 1 MedEthics pt 2

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However, despite considering infanticide to not be murder, Warren offers two reasons to explain why infanticide is not permissible in our society. First, Warren argues that just because parents do not want a newborn and would not suffer any loss if the newborn was the be killed, it is not right because there are others who would wish to adopt it. By killing the newborn, Warren argues, the potential adopters of the child are being deprived of their experience with the child and thus the act is wrong. Secondly, Warren argues that most people value infants and that they would work to preserve these children. Even if there is no one to adopt the child, the average person would be willing to pay taxes to support orphanages for the infants, rather than allow them to be killed. Warren continues by stating that if there are people who want these infants to be preserved and are willing and able to care for the infant, then it is wrong to kill them (Warren, 1).