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Essay 1 MedEthics

Submitted by liamharvey on Fri, 03/23/2018 - 12:45

Abortion has been a fiercely debated topic in politics, religion, and ethics across the world for as long as medicine has been able to provide the operation. Writers like M.A. Warren and Judith Thomson have written to express their views on why abortion is moral, while writers like Don Marquis and abortion survivor Gianna Jensen argue morally impermissible. I believe that the answer is not as easy as wrong or right and that the issue must be looked at from more than one perspective.


M.A. Warren discusses in “Postscript on Infanticide” her view on infanticide in response to criticism received from her paper “On the moral and legal status of abortion”. Critics argue that through Warrens view that a newborn is not significantly more person-like than an advanced fetus, and that because she believes abortion of an advanced fetus to be permissible, that her argument thus argues for infanticide to be permissible. Warren argues that only people have a full-fledged right to life, and that only people can be murdered. Furthermore, Warren argues that a newborn does not meet the criteria to be considered a person, and thus killing them should not be considered murder.