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Elevator Speech

Submitted by michaelkim on Mon, 04/30/2018 - 11:32

Our project describes the relationship between the arthropods and the distance between the reptile room that's located on the 5th floor. We measured the distance of each floor from the reptile room and displayed a graph of live, dead, spider webs of each floor by collecting the data with 2 separate trials. With the research done and the data collected, we found out that the floor with less traffic by humans naturally has more arthropods compared to the 1st floor with the heaviest human traffic containing the least arthropods which makes sense. Human traffic is just a disruption or a interference of their environment so there is going to be less arthropods present in it. Look at our graphs and our data along with our background, abstract, and discussion. Mostly importantly our results to see how the numbers of arthropods are affected by the distance of the reptile room to the arthropods themselves. Overall, it was an excellent project and I'm glad it was done as we learned a lot. Big shoutout to Professor Brewer for helping everybody.