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Draft 6

Submitted by cfellrath on Fri, 04/27/2018 - 12:31

. In Figure 1, four electrodes are inserted to the left and right of the cingulate making sure to have electrodes in both white and gray matter. After the surgery, the experiment had a single blind sham stimulation phase, in which patients were told that they would either receive a sham stimulation of active stimulation. Although all patients received four weeks of sham stimulation. After the four weeks of sham stimulation, all patients had received active stimulation for twenty-four weeks, with evaluation every one to two weeks. The next phase was the single-blind discontinuation phase. In this phase patients were told they were either going to receive active or sham stimulation, although all would have received sham. This phase was only performed in three patients and was eliminated due to concerns for patient safety. The last phase was observational follow-up, where patients received active stimulation and were evaluated monthly for three months, then every three months for nine months, and then every six months.