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Draft 5

Submitted by cfellrath on Wed, 04/11/2018 - 22:12

The first glance of this new unique species occurred as I was looking for the dens of prairie dogs. At first I had thought I found a newly colored horses, although, while looking more closely at this majestic animal, I had realized this animal was significantly larger than an average horse. I would say this animal was about 10 feet high off the ground and weighed between 600-1500 pounds. The structure of the face of the animal looked similar to that of a giraffe. The coloring of this animal was brown with large spots of orange. The animal had pointed ears, although, what caught my eye was the projections next to the ears. These projections were ossicones which I had only seen on the family of Giraffidae. As I continued to look at this animal, I realized that the structure of the animal’s legs were most similar to that of the family of Equidae. The foot of this animal was very much elongated. The calcaneum was located on the posterior of the hind limbs. The animal had a single pulley astragalus, which is common of the order Perissodactyla. The most intriguing was the mesaxonic foot that this animal had. The animals had cursorial locomotion, and was aided by the fact that the animal contained a cannon bone, therefore, this animal is able to run as efficient as the horses, which are known as the more cursorial perissodactyl. After this first encounter with this new species I decided I would tag the animal and examine it further.