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Draft #3, week 15, reflections on the proposal and poster project

Submitted by vvikhrev on Mon, 04/30/2018 - 19:45


      This was an interesting project because it made me think outside the box in terms of the entire scientific publication and writing process. I was excited to do this particular group project because it felt as if I was writing an actual research proposal for a grant. Reflecting back on this project, I learned a lot of new things. Even though this was a “simulation,” I still got an idea of what it would be like to work with other colleagues on a research project, the various protocols required beforehand and how to construct a proposal that will hopefully be accepted.

Poster Project

        This was not only an enjoyable project, but it was also very educational. Before starting this project, I was nervous because I didn’t know where to begin. For the most part, this was because other groups chose the same hypothesis (but different variables) as us, therefore we had to communicate with them to make sure we all had to the same goal and ideas in mind. This project required the combination of everything we’ve learned in the semester. The Writing in the Biological Sciences textbook was the most helpful for me. It was also an exciting challenge to create the posters using Scribus however once I saw the posters, I was very proud of our group as well as the other groups. In regards to the future, this project has especially spiked my interest in the scientific research field and I hope to one day use the knowledge from this class in a clinical lab setting.