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Draft #3, week 14, poster titles

Submitted by vvikhrev on Fri, 04/27/2018 - 09:54

Title: Effect of Proximity to Greenhouse on Arthropod Presence in Morrill Windowsills
The University of Massachusetts Amherst Morrill Greenhouses have a variety of plant species and arthropods that can have an effect on the presence of arthropods in rooms inside the adjacent Morrill science buildings. Having more knowledge on the indoor arthropod microinvertebrate climate can influence future environmental or health implications. There are few similar studies that have been done on residential microclimates. In this study we collected the quantitative data on spiders, flies, insects and spider webs in window sills/ledges to examine if the distance from the greenhouses has an effect on arthropod presence. The further the room is from the greenhouses, the less arthropods will be present.
Collect quantitative data on arthropods (spiders, insects and flies) and spider webs once per week for two weeks.
Find distances between rooms observed and Morrill Greenhouses using Google Earth Pro.
Record and tabulate results.