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Draft 3

Submitted by cfellrath on Tue, 04/24/2018 - 15:42

In this experiment we planned to find the correlation between the number of arthropods present and temperature, as we predicted that the higher the temperature would also mean a higher amount of arthropods. We went to two separate buildings on opposite sides of the Morrill complex of buildings to compare the temperatures and find how many arthropods would be present on the windowsills. We decided to take five different points in each building of Morrill III and Morrill IV. In Morrill III, we observed window sills in rooms 203, 204, 302, 304, and 404 to look for arthropods, and recorded the data of a two week span. In Morrill IV, we observed window sills on floors 4, 3 and the stairwell from floor 3 to floor 2 and floor 2 to floor 1, we also recorded the data for a two week span. The trend that is shown in our graphs shows that as the temperatures are raised the number of arthropods present also rises. Although there are fluctuations in the number or arthropods present which we believe to be contributed to the fact that the temperature fluctuates throughout the week and day.