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Draft #2, week 15, reflection assignment (drafts and PP)

Submitted by vvikhrev on Mon, 04/30/2018 - 17:56

When first introduced to this assignment, I thought about how much of a strain it would put on my week. I began with expectation that the weekly drafts would be something I looked forward to doing in order to improve my writing skills. Certain hectic weeks prevented me from building up this ability and accomplishing my goals. However, reflecting back on this and thinking about how I wasn’t the only one that shared these worries, has moved me in the right direction towards improvement. It has taught me how to gather my thoughts about a certain subject and write them down in other classes and I can see a difference in my writing from the beginning of the semester compared to my current writing skills.

Perfect Paragraphs
I was excited to write erfect paragraphs each week. It seemed very easy and not as time-consuming. However, I did not think that I would learn anything from it. Creating perfect paragraphs was a very interesting assignment because it included input from other students. This is important to me because when I write, I always wonder if other people (especially my peers) can understand what I am trying to express. With this assignment and the integration of the draft assignment, I now pay more attention to spelling and sentence structure. I used to struggle with tenses in my writing but I feel I have a better understanding of it now.