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Deep Learning Assignment Draft

Submitted by lgorman on Wed, 04/25/2018 - 09:24
  1. After what step are the carbons of a fatty acid completely oxidized? (Lecture 22-Slide 11)

  2. This question is testing the students knowledge on the oxidation of fatty acids. More specifically, it asks the student to recall the steps of the oxidation, and know determine which step is completely oxidized.

  3. New Question: What step produces the most reduced electron carriers, and how many does it make for a (18:0) fatty acid?

    1. Acyl-CoA transport , 4 reduced electron carriers

    2. Beta oxidation, 36 reduced electron carriers

    3. Citric Acid Cycle, 36 reduced electron carriers (CORRECT)

    4. Citric Acid Cycle, 32 reduced electron carriers

  4. Why each answer is wrong/right:

    1. A is incorrect, because Acyl-CoA transport produces no reduced electron carriers, and 4 is the incorrect number.

    2. B is incorrect, because Beta oxidation does not produce the most reduced electron carriers, however 36 is the correct number.

    3. C is correct, because Citric Acid cycle step produces the most electron carriers, and 36 reduced electron carriers is the correct number.

    4. D is incorrect, while Citric acid cycle is the correct answer, 32 reduced electron carriers is the incorrect number.