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Cyclohexane PP

Submitted by benjaminburk on Sun, 04/15/2018 - 20:09

Cyclohexanol was dehydrated in an effort to synthesize cyclohexene, in this experiment cyclohexene was obtained with a 23.1 % yield. The distillation process and washing procedures as described in the procedure were followed successfully. The gas chromatography and IR results suggest that the product was cyclohexene and extremely pure. This is supported by the fact that the gas chromatography result has only one peak that takes up the entire area on the graph, this means that the substance that the test was performed on was homogenous and pure. The IR graph also proves that the substance is cyclohexene because it contains the respective peaks for the substances that make up cyclohexene and in the correct ratio as well. The potassium permanganate and bromine dichloromethane tests also produced the expected results for both cyclohexane and cyclohexene further supporting the conclusion that the end product was pure cyclohexene.