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Class Activity: How Is My Day Going.

Submitted by mkomtangi on Fri, 02/02/2018 - 15:25

What did I do today you ask. Well what I did today goes as followed; I woke up late around 10:30am because I was up all night not really feeling to well, luckily I made it to the class that I am actually enrolled in around noon time. I try to attend a chemistry course that I am not yet enrolled in because I want to get an understanding if I will like the professor and thier teaching style, but however I did not make it to that class this week, hopefully by the end of the add/drop period I can secure a spot. The class usually meets at 11:15 so it fits perfectly into my schedule. I attended my microbiology class it is an average course however, the professor runs through the slides fairly quickly so it's hard to take hand written notes in class. I mostly just take notes on my laptop and then transcribe them into my notebook after during my free time. I am hoping to go to their office hours soon to get more extra help so she can explain what is going on in class. I am fairly hungry and tired at this point in time during the day I would love to eat and or sleep but I sadly I cannot. Frankly my day is dull, due to all the walking back and forth from classes or meetings and the snow and cold weather hardly help.