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Chemo and Protein

Submitted by lgiron on Wed, 05/02/2018 - 13:58

Another source set out to prove the improvements in health in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. A scientific trial conducted stated that cancer patients receiving chemotherapy have side effects such as a weakened immune system and malnutrition. In the study, 42 cancer patients who received chemotherapy were blindly split into an experimental, 23 patients, and control group, 19 patients. It was shown that the experimental group that was given 42g of Whey protein every day for 12 weeks, had improved nutritional status and a boosted immune system than the control group which did not receive it. I believe that this piece of evidence is relevant and representative for the benefits of Whey protein, and even though the size of the trial groups were not large, they had enough data to give a conclusion. The assumptions based on the evidence, and clinical trials are valid because the conclusion of the trial showed the physical improvements of these individuals when compared to those who did not get treated with the Whey protein (Bumrungpert et al. 2018).