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Submitted by liamharvey on Mon, 04/09/2018 - 09:16

This method of enhancement can allow users advanced levels of focus and help them stay alert longer to prolong studying. Clearly this presents a great attraction to college students who are desperate to meet deadlines and receive good grades. But the problem arises of whether it is truly fair for some students to abuse this medication to do better in their classes. The problem reflects a watered-down version of the anabolic steroids in professional sports debate. How can it be fair for “natural” athletes or students to compete with these enhanced individuals? If 30% of students are able to pull off all-nighters thanks to these medications, students who are not “enhanced” are faced with quite the handicap. This becomes especially problematic when considering that if these students who are taking ADHD medication are then able to do better than they would without the drugs, this would likely raise the class average performances. If teachers see that their students on average are doing much better on exams, they may feel the need to make the material more difficult.