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Agnostic Behavior of Avian Species.

Submitted by drosen on Thu, 03/22/2018 - 10:47

Agonistic Behavior: Interactions between 2 individuals are inherently selfish however, their desire to succeed can lead to aggressive or cooperative interactions. Questions concerning the morality and truthfulness of these interactions as well as the presence of “cheating” the system. The behavior between rivals, i.e aggressive (attack or threaten) as well as passive (flee or submit) are known as agonistic behaviors. Conflict typically peaks at threatening gestures due to the risk of injury when fighting. This includes use of wings, bills and claws as potential weapons that will eventually lead to actual battle if one does not give. To avoid higher frequencies of injury, communication of aggressive and submissive behavior is a large part in social structure. This has lead to submissive behavior and an advanced, ranked social structure to mitigate the stress of a social system.