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AB Intro Part 4

Submitted by malberigi on Wed, 04/25/2018 - 16:46

There have been many different approaches taken to regrow degraded areas of the Amazon rainforest. Humans have acted as seed dispersal agents with some success (Gagetti, 1998) but seeds are a food source for many animals and constant seeding of an area is necessary to overcome predation.  Research has also been conducted on the importance of avian foragers for seed dispersal of fleshy fruits, which showed that birds are the main seed dispersing agents in many forests around the world (Puckey, 1996). In light of this previous knowledge, our study looks to understand the role of fruit color preference in selected Amazonian parrot species.  The information gleaned from this study will be used as a stepping stone in directing the selection of fruit-producing plants that will attract parrots to areas of degraded forest. We hope to support the use of frugivorous birds as a potential seed vector in rainforest restoration.