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497G final report p1

Submitted by liamharvey on Sun, 04/29/2018 - 16:42

My family history went back several generations. On my father’s side of the family, we could only trace back to my grandparents. My grandmother, Rita Harvey, was an orphan and never knew her parents. My grandfather, Michael Harvey, was not adopted but I could not find any family history for him. They were both from Ireland and the databases are not as big and don’t go as far back as they do in the U.S.

               On my mother’s side of the family, a great amount of tracing back was able to be done. My mother’s parents were Edwin Cavanagh and Jackie Joy Singer. On my Jackie’s side of the tree, I was able to find out her parent’s names were William Singer and Hilda Victory. This part of the family was found to come from Texas (William) and Louisiana (Hilda). Which I found interesting because I had always thought the family had been all located in New York after coming to America from Ireland.