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Submitted by michaelkim on Fri, 02/02/2018 - 15:19

My tuesday began just like any typical morning. I got up at 7am for my 8 am lab and immediately grabbed my shower supplies such as towels, shampoo, body wash, toothbrush, and toothpaste. After I took a shower, I had like 10 minutes to spare so I sat on my chair and decided to text my friends and check how my fantasy basketball team was doing. I left my dorm around 7:45 and got to ISB by a little before 8. I had a lab for 4 long hours so I decided to use my laptop to play music out loud, I love my TA because he lets me play some tunes as long as it isn't super loud. Then after the lab, I checked the bus app so I would get a ride from ILC back to Southwest. I used my phone to text my fraternity brothers as we had our first intramural basketball game. Game was at 9:30 PM so I told everyone to come by 9 to warm up. We ended up winning the game and I was exhausted from the game. I walked home and immediately fell asleep. My Wednesdays are the longest and the most exhausting day out of the week with 5 classes back to back so I was not excited for the next day.

1/26/18 Perfect paragraph

Submitted by michaelkim on Fri, 01/26/2018 - 15:08

Today, we got the chance to closely observe a maggot with a tail. Maggot is a pre-form of a fly that has a tail along with the body. Its body is somewhat translucent which means that I can see some of its inner organs and tissues but not all the way through its body. It seems as if it does not have eyes and it uses its tail to find and locate the general direction it wants to take. It moves in one direction and it travels very slowly and calmly. Some of the questions I may ask is, "Do they need their tail in order to survive? What do they eat? In what conditions do they need to live in order to survive? How big can they grow?" I found it very interesting how the larvae's body itself was about two centimeters long because the tail was about two centimeters long as well. It would be awesome to be able to see its growth and see the larvae turn into a fly.



Submitted by michaelkim on Fri, 01/26/2018 - 15:01

It looks like a colorless inch worm with a tail. Tail is what really makes this insect unique which makes me think that it is a rat tailed maggot. I have never observed maggot this up close and they absolutely look disgusting. The tail almost looks poisonous and the way they move is so creepy. Do they not have eyes? They move very slowly and it is crazy to know that small insect like this will lay eggs and create even smaller kind. I wonder where they live, what they eat and what conditions they need in order to survive. Is the tail necessary and if it was to be chopped off, could they survive? I wonder if people eat these things. They can go inside of a human, and dogs, and many different living organisms. It is absolutely sickening to see it. How small are they when they are born and how big can they get up to because I feel like they’d get even more disgusting if they were larger in size. If they don’t have eyes, how can they travel and find directions to where they wanna go? And where is the mouth located? Seems like this insect doesn’t have anything.


This larvae has the body size of about 2cm with its tail about 2cm as well. The tail is as long as the body and I am starting to think that the tail helps the larvae travel or find the direction it wants to go to. But even then why is the tail so long? It has like black stuff inside, would that be food stored in the body or something else? At the first glance, this looks like a little tiny firstborn mouse. Staring and observing this insect makes me absolutely sick that I don’t even think I can stare at it even a little longer. It is almost as if I have a headache now and want to vomit. Would they be in the primary predator level and if so do they only feed off of plants? And do they need these little wood chips in their environment because I was given this insect and those little wood pieces.Does this maggot have the ability to pick up its tail? Because it looks like it always is down and dragging on the floor. Why don’t they have the ability to come out of these little containers? I feel like it tried several times but it gives up.



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