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Observations and Inferences

Submitted by yurigarcia on Fri, 10/05/2018 - 15:38

In the original picture the spiderweb is in the middle, the environment is in the middle and the map is on the right. On the replicate the spider web is on the left, the environment is on the middle and the map is on the right place. The arrow is pointing at the spiderweb on the original and in the replicate is pointing at the environment. The labeling letters in the original are in the picture and in the replicate are underneath of the pictures.  The original pictures are more zoom in and the replicate is taken from a far-away angle. Although it was taken in the same location it doesn’t show the spiderweb picture as the original. The maps are different in the original the ISB is emphasized and zoom in and in the replicate the map doesn’t specify the location.

In class observation # 22

Submitted by yurigarcia on Fri, 09/28/2018 - 14:28

The two pictures may look the same at first, but they have some difference such as figure A where in the left picture you see a hand holding a ruler with a blue tape and in the right picture you see the plant that shows an environment and see more things that was shown in the left figure. There is a different font one is bigger than the other one.

Figure B shows how the left figure was taken with high resolution camera that captures more the shape of the plant and their colors better. A ruler was used recording 12cm as the height of the plant. In the other figure you can hardly see the measurement of the plant taken in a different angle and you can also see another plant in the back that wasn’t in the first picture of the B figure.

Figure C shows that this are taken from different angles and their colors changes in the left picture and the right picture. Again, it seems this picture was taken in a different time of day

My Inference was the time of day, zooming of the camera and some objects that are in the first picture that are not in the rest of the pictures.Perhaps the person of the original figure did not specify the measurements or angles so that the other person could match it as much as posiible.

Methods Draft

Submitted by yurigarcia on Fri, 09/28/2018 - 12:23

For the Spider web methods project I went to the ISB building, the side that faces the Life sciences building. I went to the back of the building where the doors are located near to the no smoking sign. I took the picture with my cell phone camera before my class started around 3:15 pm. At first it was kind of difficult to find the spiderweb because I didn’t know where to find one except for the place I had lived before on campus last year. When I saw the spiderweb I didn’t hesitate to take the picture. Additional pictures were taken in order to capture the best angle of the spiderweb because it was near the door and the window. There was a lot of people coming and going through the doors, so that was some kind of an impediment at first. For the map I opened the Umass Amherst Campus App on my phone that thankfully showed me the ISB location that I will screenshot later and save it on my phone. In class I installed Inkscape on my MacBook but at first it didn’t want to open and thankfully the professor helped me out and I was able to open the program and copy and paste the pictures I took on September 17, 2018.  I labeled the figures A)was for the spider web B)was for the environment and C)for the map. 


Submitted by yurigarcia on Tue, 09/25/2018 - 01:25

Translocation is when there is a movement of chromosomes to a new place in the genome. What we know so far is that translocations can influence the phenotype in many ways. They can rearrange the way genes were supposed to be located at another place affecting their position and expression. Their genes will break apart and the functions delayed. One example is when there is translocation Down Syndrome that there is rearranged chromosome material in the trisomy 21. But unfortunately, one of the 21 chromosomes are connected to the other chromosome rather than being detached.  It is the extra copy that creates health problems with Down Syndrome.

Drosophila figure legend

Submitted by yurigarcia on Fri, 09/21/2018 - 14:14





Marzia and I found a picture of a Drosophila a common “fruit fly” used in lab experiments as an easy way to test many things in lab. I noticed is that this particular fly has orange eyes. It’s body color is like a tan color. It’s abdomen is white. It is very hairy. It has 6 legs.The picture was taken by Keegan Bowen posted on Flickr.

part of my Ovarian cancer paper

Submitted by yurigarcia on Thu, 09/20/2018 - 21:44

The word cancer is something you don't want to hear especially when you go to the doctor. Thanks to the scientific research we know that ovarian cancer occurs in women over the age of 50, however this disese also affects younger women. There is a high risk of inheriting the disease that is passed down from the mother or the father's side. These mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 puts you in risk of increasing your chances of having breast cancer. This is why paying attention to the early symptoms is crucial. A pelvic exam is necessary to see if there are irregularities such as having an abnormal mas. CT scanning and MRI are techniques to see if this mass is malignant. Treatment requires removing the ovaries followed by chemo and according to " If ovarian cancer is found and treated before it has metastasize the 5 year survival is 92%." 


Part of my Gene Mutation assignment PP

Submitted by yurigarcia on Sun, 09/16/2018 - 18:28

Gene mutation occurs when there is a change in the genetic material (DNA). These changes can be either spontaneous during DNA replication because they just take place and mistakes occur during DNA replication.  Sometimes they are (induced) caused by certain factors such as radiation, mutagenic chemicals (cigarette smoke) and temperature. For example, when they are hereditary and passed to their offspring, there are genetic disorders such as Cystic Fibrosis, Sickle cell anemia and Tay-Sachs. Even though, mutations are bad most of the time sometimes it could be an advantage and it could help evolution. 

Part of my Gene Mutation assignment

Submitted by yurigarcia on Sat, 09/15/2018 - 20:44

Gene mutation can be caused by changes in the environment and at any stage of that person’s life. They could be hereditary, this happens when these mutations are inherited from a parent that will be passed to their offspring. For example, some of the inherited gene disorders are cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia and Tay-Sachs. Permanent changes can be rare but also common that sometimes it is considered a normal variation in DNA.

Group 4 Angela, Jesus & Yuri

Submitted by yurigarcia on Fri, 09/14/2018 - 19:53

Our source was from Google Scholar. This website shows accredited resources, it provides good information and it has easy PDF access. We believe it’s more organized than Google because if you initiate a search in Google, you will get more than a 100 links for the article you are looking for. However, with the help of Google Scholar, you can access more information of credible academic publishers and more accredited websites. This website offers more tools for find articles, books and locate the right sources for the research paper you may have for school. As a student we are thankful for Google Scholar because it directs you to the right path and helps you obtain that article you need to complete your research paper. 

My routine on Monday

Submitted by yurigarcia on Fri, 09/14/2018 - 15:27

On Monday September 10, 2018 i woke up at 9 am. It was my first lab of the week and i was very nervous because I had no idea where it was. My day started with taking a shower and brushing my teeth. Went to Worcester dining for breakfast, stayed there for a half an hour because i’m a slow eater. After getting breakfast I went to see my friend Melanie and Milo her ferret since I had plenty of time before my lab. Around 11am I walked to Melanie’s place and finally met Milo. I was afraid at first because he was so hyperactive and wanted to play, he would hide on his favorite spots around her room. I took a lot of pictures of him and sent some to the Umass Campus story. I had so much fun that time went by so quickly that it was time for me to go to my Genetics Lab. I left her place around 12:45 pm to make it on time to the ISB building, where my lab was taking place. I got there before 1pm so I just waited in the second floor to enter the lab. It was difficult to find the room because the organic chemistry lab was taking place at the same time and there wasn’t any sign where the lab exactly was. I had to ask plenty of people to be sure I was going to the right place. Thankfully it was the right place and stayed there for 4 hours. After lab I went to get food at worcester with friend Lindsey, met one of her friends that were there already. After getting dinner with Lindsey and her friends I went back to my place and just relax for the rest of the day.


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