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Submitted by yurigarcia on Tue, 09/25/2018 - 01:25

Translocation is when there is a movement of chromosomes to a new place in the genome. What we know so far is that translocations can influence the phenotype in many ways. They can rearrange the way genes were supposed to be located at another place affecting their position and expression. Their genes will break apart and the functions delayed. One example is when there is translocation Down Syndrome that there is rearranged chromosome material in the trisomy 21. But unfortunately, one of the 21 chromosomes are connected to the other chromosome rather than being detached.  It is the extra copy that creates health problems with Down Syndrome.



I would take out the "what we know so far" part of the sentence. When writing, try to be confident and state the facts. Also, try to have consistent tenses in your writing. 

You have written as an independent sentence, "Their genes will break apart and the functions delayed". I would suggest expanding on this idea so it is not as isolated as it currently sounds. Explain what the function is that causes the genes to break apart or delay the function.