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Methods Draft

Submitted by yurigarcia on Fri, 09/28/2018 - 12:23

For the Spider web methods project I went to the ISB building, the side that faces the Life sciences building. I went to the back of the building where the doors are located near to the no smoking sign. I took the picture with my cell phone camera before my class started around 3:15 pm. At first it was kind of difficult to find the spiderweb because I didn’t know where to find one except for the place I had lived before on campus last year. When I saw the spiderweb I didn’t hesitate to take the picture. Additional pictures were taken in order to capture the best angle of the spiderweb because it was near the door and the window. There was a lot of people coming and going through the doors, so that was some kind of an impediment at first. For the map I opened the Umass Amherst Campus App on my phone that thankfully showed me the ISB location that I will screenshot later and save it on my phone. In class I installed Inkscape on my MacBook but at first it didn’t want to open and thankfully the professor helped me out and I was able to open the program and copy and paste the pictures I took on September 17, 2018.  I labeled the figures A)was for the spider web B)was for the environment and C)for the map.