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Submitted by jmalloldiaz on Fri, 12/07/2018 - 08:44

Like other crab spiders, Mecaphesa celer is an ambush hunter and it preys on pollinator insects by lurking in the flowers they visit. We hypothesized that in order to successfully capture its prey, Mecaphesa would choose to hide in flowers that more closely resemble its actual body coloration. In order to test our hypothesis, we designed an arena split into two different colors based in the RGB color model, and recorded to which side the spider moved after being placed in the center.



You may want to consider referring to the species instead of the genus after you specify the species that you are studying. Going back to the genus broadens the specificity and may not be entirely applicable to all the species underneath it.

What is the RGB color model? It may help to explain this

This paragraph is very short and doesn't give the reader much information about your project. I would give a better intro/topic sentence talking about crab spiders. Maybe describe how you formed your hypothesis and what the color wheel actually is. 

I would suggest including an abbreviated scientific name after the full name, for example Mecaphesa celer (M.celer). I would also suggest using this instead of saying Mecaphesa in the following sentence.