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Perception Influence on Noradrenaline

Submitted by alanhu on Fri, 04/19/2019 - 23:22

Researchers found a connection between the hormone noradrenaline and perception of images. It was found that people with higher levels of noradrenaline in their systems were able to discriminate low quality images better. What the researchers attempted to figure out was whether if noradrenaline and an effect on sensory perception and if noradrenaline improved perception of images. Noradrenaline plays a role in the late processing of the cerebral cortex. Therefore, it would determine whether the image would be brought back into the person’s memory. Typically, noradrenaline is expressed during arousal but there are more functions to the neurotransmitter that was found.



I think there is a typo in the third sentence and "and" should be had. The sentence would also flow better if you phrased it " The researchers attempted to figure out if noradrenaline enhanced sensory perception of images. 

I think you should avoid a passive voice when you say, "it was found..." Also the third sentence is a little wordy and I would suggest explicitly saying what the researchers found rather than starting with "what the researchers attempted..." 


You should reword the third sentence so that it is not in a passive voice and move that sentence to the beginning so that you introduce the actual experiment to the reader before you explain the results.