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Characteristics of Larvae

Submitted by danielnguyen on Fri, 01/25/2019 - 15:34

The larvae had a bilateral symmetry with ~12 segments separating the body. The larvae had an anterior side and posterior side. The anterior side was brown with hair-like structures. The posterior side contained a white clear tip. The body between the anterior and posterior sides was tan with brown discoloration. The underside of the larvae was also tan but, lighter than the topside. There are small white patches along the sides of the body. There was also a darker gray lateral line from the anterior to posterior end. The widest part of the larvae was in the middle segments.


There are 3 pairs of feet on the anterior underside of the larvae with 4 pairs of stubs on the posterior underside. The larvae walks in a wave motion raising each segment of its body to move forward. The larvae had hair-like structures that could be used to sense its environment. The larvae moved both forward and backwards but, mostly in the anterior direction. The larvae lifted half its body length along the side of the container. However, it could not fully climb up the walls of the container. This suggests the larvae lives near the ground and not on trees.



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