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Oscine song development

Submitted by jmalloldiaz on Sat, 11/24/2018 - 13:20

Both songbirds and humans are primed towards learning their species vocalizations and filter out the rest of sounds during the learning process. They both go through a critical learning period or sensitive period, during which information is stored for use in later stages of learning. Oscines also have a subsong period which is analogous to infant babbling and connects the perceptual and sensorimotor stages of vocal learning. Finally, there is a crystallization period, during which plastic song or language is perfected into the standard vocalizations of the species. 



Maybe rearrange the first sentence to make more logical sense.  Something like "During development, both songbirds and humans are primed to learn their respective species vocalizations and filter out the sounds from foreign species."

Your paragraph covered an interesting topic, but I feel like you could have gone into a little more detail. Your conclusion sentence is solid, but when reading the paragraph it seems abrupt. I would maybe remove the word "finally" add one more sentence to elaborate, and then sum it all up in a conclusion sentence. 

Great work! Would only sugget that you use the word both less. You could also omit it completely from the first sentence.